About Us

We began our journey as a cooperative in 2004 because we believe that cooperation between people does move the world.
We are a worker cooperative, we dedicate our time to environmental education and develop projects and activities related to the environment.
A cooperative is a team of people with diverse groups. Diversity gives us a qualitative richness particular issues that we can work from several complementary perspectives, with the overall result.

What has motivated us?

We agreed on the struggle for a more just, socially and environmentally, in the belief that the working capacity increases significantly if we cooperate and professionals need to professionalise the services we offered for years from civic organizations. As a result of these concerns… the cooperative was born.

And what do we do with all this?

We are committed to provide social and environmental benefits of our cooperative action in environmental protection projects.
We are open to suggestions and partnerships to open lines of work in the field of educational, technical and tourism that will allow us to expand and enrich the cooperative while allowing others to go ahead with the project. When you want to talk?